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This page is intended to be a complete source of information about the crop circles. On the lower part of this page, you will find links to all the other crop circle-related sites that we have found. There are links to special articles, that we believe are significant. The first part of the page has links to articles by my partner, Dee Finney, and myself.

Our articles come from over ten years of research into the phenomenon. Our extensive experience with dreams and meaningful coincidences is part of the story. Dee and I, along with a number of others, believe that the crop circle formations are related to dreams and human consciousness. Most serious researchers favor the theory that the formations are, for the most part, not being made by the human specie, and seem to be symbolic messages from an unknown, high intelligence. We suggest that doubters read the article, "Arguments Against the Hoax Theory of Crop Circles".

We also recommend for doubters, the audio-visual presentation of Maurice Osborn:

Part One

Part Two


We do not agree with all of the interpretations given by Maurice, but overall, it is very well done.

Another informative display we recommend to doubters is this Flash Player slide show, created by Suzanne Taylor and Allen Branson.

Why Real Crop Circles Can't be Hoaxed

The majority of crop circle sites concentrate on presenting the data concerning  the crop circle formations . . . photographs, diagrams, locations, dates, accounts of strange coincidences or events, and such. The thrust of this site is to present as much as possible about the theoretical meanings of the strange geometric formations that are appearing by the thousands all over our planet. In a number of cases, the formations are clearly related to myths and religions. Our work involves comparing the formations to ancient symbols, and dreams of today. We believe that this is the best method in researching the crop circle formations in order to arrive at the correct interpretation. It seems apparent that, as the earth changes unfold, the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood.

March 30, 2005 Special Note

Paul Vigay has revamped his International Crop Circle Database site. Because of this, some of our links to specific crop circle pages may not work. We are working on fixing the problem, but it will take some time. This page, our main crop circle page, has been corrected. Our related page titled, "significant past crop circle formations," has also been corrected. We are still in the process of correcting links in our individual articles.

Paul's thumbnail view pages can still be accessed through these links:

Crop Circle Database

Crop Circle Research

Guests can sign up for a free account. This allows one to access ten search listings per day (thumbnail views only). Unlimited access can be purchased for a small yearly fee.

Lucy Pringle's Crop Circle Photograph Library is still available:

The pages are cross-linked to Paul's original pages by a number code for each formation. For example, this link brings up Lucy's page with photographs of the 2004 Aztec Sunstone crop circle:

Note that the number code for the page is uk2004cf in this case. This is within the 2004 folder. That number appears at the top-right side of the page, and is a hyperlink to Paul's original page for the same formation, which was:

Because of the change, this link now brings up an error page. But, the same number code can be used to find Lucy's equivalent page. For example, if you click on a non-working link with this address:

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One can also use various search engines to find information about specific formations.

 Recent Articles  


The incredible  new crop
circle formation at Lurkley Hill
corresponds with The New
Jerusalem Plan, Ezekiel's
Four Living Creatures, and
the Sri Yantra

 The Interrelated
2005 Crop Circle

Amazing relationships
between formations


The Crop Circle Music Wheel
Geometry and Numbers


The Puzzles of Life
Can We Solve Them?
 The Dream and the Reality



 The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation  
We have been writing about the chakra
connection for many years. It is now
verified by this incredible pair of formations.
Photo credit Francine Blake


 The Bee-Hive Crop Circle Formation
June 2004


 Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead 
Lazarus and Awakening the Giant


People from around the world
are reporting coincidences of
seeing 11:11. A number of
crop circle formations have
rectangles that may also
suggest this number image.

 11:11 - What Does it Mean?  


 The Return of the Feminine 
The Summer Triangle
The Three Marys & John 11:25

 Articles by Joseph E. Mason
and/or Dee Finney


Connections to the Chakra System
and Kundalini 

 The Menorah crop
 circle formation

May 1999
This Biblical Symbol is
related to the Tree of Life


Humanity On The Pollen Path
A leap to the Heart Chakra
The major message of the earth change

 The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation 
Manifests incredible "coincidences"

and relates to the Tree of Life

 The Swallows come to Save Earth  
2003 Crop Circle

Birdstar - Merkabah, our Menorah-Like
Vehicle for Mass Ascension
(Related to Solara's 11:11 Doorway)

The American Tragedy: 
 A Symbolic Event

9-11-2001 Events Relate to St.
John's Revelation and
Crop Circles


The Great Turning of Being and Becoming

Review of article by Michael Green

1991 Barbury Castle Pictogram

 Dreams About The Triple Male Trinity  
(The 'Great Keyhole' crop formation
of 1990 as 'The Earth Goddess')

The Most Important Crop Circle 
1999 Crescent Vortex at White Horse,
near Hackpen Hill



1997 Fractal relates to the end of the Mayan
calendar on December 21, 2012,
at 11:11 Universal Time


Revelation 11:11
The original short version of humanity's leap to the Heart chakra

Arguments Against the Hoax
Theory Of Crop Circles


The Trinity - The Crop Circle Theme of 2001
by Dee Finney

  The Opening Eyes - The Aperture  
Crop Circles of July 2000

The All Seeing Eye -
 The Crop Circle Connection to Creator and the Stars
1994 and 1995 formations look like CBS Logo
(may relate to the the 2004 Chakra System formation)

  The Eight Fold Crop Circles, 2000   
An Eastern Mandala in the Fields

The Way God Creates A Crop Circle
1992 formation at Winterbourne Stoke

 The Magnetic Field  
 A Crop Circle Under Scrutiny For Meaning
 July 2000 Formation at Avebury Trusloe

 The Rainbow of Creation  

 The Keepers of the Trumpets  

 Predictive Outline of Ideas About the Great Change  

1992 Article in The Dream Network Journal

The Black Sun
Includes Swastika symbols, which may relate to the
2004 cross type formation with the Chakra System formation


(Prehistoric numbers in crop circles)


The Symbolism and Spiritual
Significance of the Number Nine

Weaving - The Mythology and the Reality

Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Dreams
Symbolism & Crop Circles

 UFO Sightings, Dreams, and  
Crop Pattern Relationships

Behind the Hoaxers - The History of Circle Faking
Review of Article by Marcus Allen

Colin Andrews Says!!!
Crop Circle Researchers Respond!!!


Wisconsin Lake Crop Circle

Suggestion about links: If you find that a link no longer works, try placing the address in the appropriate field on this page:

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E.T. Face With Coded Disk Crop Circle Formation

 On August 14, 2002, the image of an alien E.T. face with a
 coded disk appeared in a field of wheat in England. Investigators
 found the very dry plants undamaged, indicating that the formation
 was "real," that is, not made by humans.

 An LED sighting device was found near the formation, which has
 caused some researchers to support the hoax theory. However, the
 device may have been placed near the formation after the fact by
 hoaxers or others. Some years ago, a witness reported that a helicopter
 flew over a crop formation and dropped something from the air. Later,
 researchers found a stick with a string attached to it by the formation,
 and concluded that the formation was a hoax. People are easily fooled
 by such tricks.

 Dee had a dream about the aliens arriving just prior to learning of the
 formation. It was somewhat like the film, "Close Encounters of the
 Third Kind."  

 Martin Keitel also had a dream just prior to learning of the formation,
 that seemed related to the event (see link below).

 The mass media often presents the so-called "skeptical" spin on the
 topics of UFOs/ETs. Sometimes a scientist will explain that visits from
 ETs are unlikely, because of the vast distances between stars. The
 speed of light cannot be exceeded, therefore it is silly to think that ETs
 travel many years just to visit the planet Earth. Case closed.

 One "problem" with this media spin is that many serious investigators,
 such as
Jacques Vallee, do not simply believe that ETs are physical
 beings from other solar systems. Investigations led to the theory that
 the phenomenon is probably activity from another dimension. Strange
 phenomena of many sorts has been with mankind throughout history.
 The belief systems, including the religions, of various cultures has
 often been effected by such phenomena; angelic
visitations, for

 It is our view that dreams have been, and continue to be, associated
 with such phenomena. Joseph Campbell said that we create
 civilizations out of our myths, and that myths develop from dreams.
 The ETs, the Watchers, may be attempting to influence a change of
 beliefs on a global scale. We, humanity, may accept or reject the
 change. It may not be wise to simply debunk and ignore the input.

 So, the selectively "skeptical" argument is lacking - the case is not,
 by any means, closed. The jury is still out.

 Martin's Dream just prior to learning of the Alien Face Formation  

Alien Face & Disk Formation - Paul Vigay's page

Paul Vigay's Analysis of the Alien Face & Disk Formation

Ground photos of the 2002 'Alien Face' - Paul Vigay

Crabwood Alien - Part 1 - Martin Keitel

Analysis of the Crabwood Formation - David Kingston



 The BLT Research Team Inc. web site is now online,
 featuring in-depth scientific investigation of physical changes  
 induced in the plants and soils of crop circle formations.
 Over 90 percent of the formations studied, both simple and
 complex, have had the physical changes, supporting the
 "non human creation" theory.


Articles Added Recently

Crop Formation Near Kassel, Germany
(Knights Templar & Chakra Connection)

An Evaluation of Soil Properties
From the 2003 Crop Formation
At Serpent Mound, Ohio

Perceptions of Sacred Geometry
Contained in Crop Circle Formations

by Dr. Colette M. Dowell , N.D.

Southern Ohio Crop Circles

Chakras & Corp Circles - Crystalinks

Crop Formation At Legendary
Serpent Mound, Ohio

2012 and Crop Formations
by Geoff Stray
(Note: The cycle ends December 21, 2012
at 11:11 AM Universal Time)

Pictograph found in
Oregon desert, 1990


Theorems in Wheat Fields
Science News Article

Crop Circles Corner
articles by Jonah

Crop Circles & Mayan Time
1998 Beltane Wheel Formation

Crop Circle Geometry
(links to many articles)

The Gakayil & the
Windmill Hill Formation

Short-Lived Radionuclides in Soil
Samples from an English Crop Circle

A Biophysical Investigation

Nancy Talbott

Primary Formation
of May 2005 a Sacred Gift

By Bearcloud






The Glyphs of the Gods
Radio Isotopes in Crop Circles

Crop Circles -

Crop Circle Changes
As Researchers Watch

Crop Circle Analysis Shows
Most Are Not Hoaxes



Planker, Matthew Williams,
 Presentation Fails to Convince

Explosion of Crop Formations
in Germany

2002 Circle Season Develops
Geometrical Lessons


Crop Circles Lead to American
Civil War Past Life Memories

Articles On DCCA
Dutch Crop Circle Archive

Transmission of a Crop Circle

Blown Nodes in the
"Earth Is Missing" Formation

Journey to Mystical England

The Amazing Number Nine
(includes the 1996 crop formations)

Science News Article

The Real Experience of George Vernon
at Operation Blackbird
(no hoax)

Planetary Codes
Krsanna Duran

 Patterns of Consciousness  
Allan Brown

The Scorpius Hour 1994
by Kris Weber Sherwood

Now Comes a Crop Circle
Quantum Teleportation


Striking Similarity of 2001 Crop Circle -
to Deb's 1984 Pryamid Sunrise Drawing

7 x 17: All Things

Excerpt of "The Monkey
& The Tetrahedron"

Gallery of Crop Circle Effects


Milk Hill Script Translations
by Robert Boerman

 The Vessel Glyph

The Gog Magog Angel Formation
Charles Mallet

Angel Formations
Link between Belgium & England?

Gog Magog Theory:
Pandora's Box Opens

by Thomas Jude Germinario

Crop Circle News
latest news, including USA

Subconscious Communication
in Crop Circles

by Freddie Silva

Tracking Crop Circles Through Dowsing
and Psychic Ability

by Freddie Silva

The Jung Center searches for cause
and meaning of crop circles

80% Proof
The Voice of Reason

Older Articles

On the Brink
An Overview of Crop Circles

by Rodney Michael Carr-Smith

Anatomical Anomalies
In Crop Formation Plants

Great Lakes 11:11 Crop
Circle Formation

Anatomical anomalies in crop
formation plants
W. C. Levengood

Nancy Talbott - Cropformations:
A biophysical Investigation

Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron
Associated with a Crop Formation

Gerald Hawkins Euclidean Geometry
& Diatonic Rations in Crop Circles

Evidence of Sacred
Geometry in Crop Circles

by Freddie Silva

Star Nation People
Rod Bearcloud Berry

Curving Beams of Light
Peter Sorensen

The Great Oregon Sri Yantra
Ground Marking by Iyles

1/4 mile square symbol
gooved into a lake bed

Andrews Reveals Long-Promised
Hoaxing 'Evidence'

The internal Geometry
of Crop Circles

by Bert Janssen

Crop Circle Geometry
3 D - Fractals

by Bert Janssen

A Brief Education
On Crop Circles

by Freddie Silva

The Gakayil &
Windmill Hill Formation

Anneco Blanson Henkemans

Crop Circles
Astra Mate

Number 26, The Mayan Tzolkin,
& the Grid Crop Circle

The History of Crop Circles
by Freddie Silva

Octahedral Crop Circle
Formations 2000

by David Wilcock

The Philosopher’s Stone
‘A Stone Most Precious’

by Kris Weber Sherwood

Crop Circles:
Messages from the Universe

The Sequence
by Wolfgang Schindler

The Great A&E and Discovery
Channel Crop Circles Hoax

by Freddie Silva

by Freddie Silva

So it's all done with
planks & bits of string, is it?

by Freddie Silva

Crop Circles Hoax Aftermath
by Freddie Silva

1996 Laguna Canyon
Crop Circle Formations

By Ed & Kris Sherwood

 The "snake" formation at Alton Barnes  
as the Kundalini/Kukulcan

Conversation with
Francine Blake

Mysterious circles keep cropping up
BBC News

Australian Land Marking
2 1/2 Mile Long Man

Crop Circles =
Sirius, ancient symbols
Stargate Manuscripts

The Emergence of the
Mother of All Crop Circles

David Wilcock

The Crop Circle
Connector F.A.Q

Is Sound Behind the
Creation of Crop Circles?
by Freddy Silva

Crop Circles, An Elliptical View
by Jack Sullivan

Theories on the Formation
of Crop Circles
By Brian Hussey

Temporary Temples -Crop Circles
Karen Douglas

Crop Circle Geometry
& Construction Lines
by Bert Janssen

Construction Myths &"The Moire"

US billionaire Funds
Crop Circle Research

BBC News (UK)

Crop Circles 2001
UK Review, Part 1

Mars, Jupiter &
2001 Crop Formations

Survival Manual & Update of 1998
Crop Circles - Cariel Quinly

Terrestrial Anomalies - Crop Circles

The Language of Light
by ilyes

(ilyes Home Page)

Nazca Palpa Geoglyph,
Machu Picchu Petroglyph,
Crop Circles!

Crop Circle Peculiarities

Circular Madness,
The Descent of Cereology
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Andean Dreams
of Higher Realities

The Secret History
of Crop Circles

by Terry Wilson (Book Review)

Crop circles mystify
Russian farmers - BBC News

Colin Andrews Interview
Hoaxers and Media
Muddy Waters

The Oliver's Castle Video Debate
(did balls of light create the formation?)

The Spiral in the Consciousness Units
David Wilcock

Crop Circle Correlates To
Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid!

by Gary Val Tenuta

RealAudio on The
Crop Circle Connector

Links to Articles at the
Crop Circle Connector

From the Heart of the Sun
by Simon Burton

Crop Circle Insights


2005 Crop Circle Formations

 2005 Crop Circles at the  
Crop Circle Connector

 Lucy Pringles 2005  
Crop Circles

2005 Crop Circles at
Crop Circle Research

(free sign in)

 The meaning of the first 2005  
UK crop circle formation

Posted by Joseph E. Mason

2004 Crop Circle Formations

Lucy Pringles 2004
Crop Circles

 Seven-Armed Pinwheel, 25 May 2004  
Knobel, Clay County, Arkansas



 Arrangement of arcs & circular paths  
3 May 2004, Icknield Way
near Pegsdon, Bedfordshire

 Double Spiral in Vesica Pisces  
Icknield Way, near Pegsdon,
3 May 04 (in French)


Resource for the Tegdown Hill
Formation (see link on left)

The Tipharet Helix

Compare Image to Double Spiral
(link on left)
Also: Dreams of Spirals

Triangle, 30 June 04, Tegdown Hill
near Patcham, East Sussex

Bee-Hive, 25 June 04, Milk Hill, Wiltshire

Information related to Folded Bee: Tan Hill
 symbolizes pineal gland of Land Earth Goddess  

Oval Sunburst, 13 July 04, West
Kennett Longbarrow, Wiltshire

Compare to Sunburst -
Pyramid Sunrise of 2001

Eye & 2 Teardrops, 15 July 04,
Southfield, near Alton Priors, Wiltshire

Pictogram with Crescents, 17 Jul 04,
Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe,Wiltshire

Chakra System, 22 Jul 04,Pewsey
White Horse, near Pewsey,Wiltshire

Paul's analysis of the Maze on
the Crop Circle Research Forum

The Amazing Aztec Sun Stone Calendar of 2 August, 2004
at Silbury Hill, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire, with Informitive Links

At Lucy Pringle's Site

The Aztec Calendar

Legend of the Four Suns

 The 4th & 5th Worlds of the Aztecs & Mayans  

 The Aztec Calendar at MIT  

The Butterfly Effect

The End of the World

BBC News Article

 Crop Circle Warns of World's End  

Serpent Glyph from the Sun Stone (timestar)

Mayan Calendar
(explanations of glyphs)

The "Snake" Crop Circle (Kunalini)

 Large detailed Red Aztec Calendar  

XOCHIPILLI The Prince of Flowers

Very Large diagram with explanations 

Plasma Physics: Meso-American Mythology

Greenish colorful Sun Stone

Earth Ascending - José Argüelles

The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design

Clear image of Aztec Calendar

9x9 Checkerboard, 6 Aug 04,
Hillwood, Aldbourne,Wiltshire

Info: Dreams of Red and Black

Info: Moon Magic Square

 Info: Collection of Strange Magic Squares  

Info: Mecury Magic Square

Info: Venus Magic Square

6 & 12 Star of David, 7 Aug 04,
Wilton Windmill, near Wilton,Wiltshire

 2 Circle Interference Pattern, 8 Aug 04,
Shalbourne, nr Hungerford, Wiltshire

Crop Circles & Quantum Mechanics

Diatonic ratios, interference patterns

Crop Circle Connector Forum

Wingmakers Forum

The 2002 Gog and Magog Hill Crop Circle Formations

 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in has hand the key of the bottomless  pit and a great chain. And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and  Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it  over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years were ended.  (Revelation 20:1-3)

 And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison, and will come  out to deceive the nations which are at the four corners of the earth, that is, Gog and Magog, to  gather them for battle; there number is like the sand of the sea. And they marched up over the  broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city; but fire came down  from heaven and consumed them, and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the  lake of fire and sulphur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented  day and night for ever and ever. (Revelation 20:7-10)

 Links to articles about the Gog Magog Hill
Crop Circle Formations of 2001


Best Sites - My Favorites

The Crop Circular
Fredie Silva

good interpretations

Lucy Pringle
good articles &
great photographs

Swirled News
Good Articles
& Latest News

Crop Circle News

Crop Circles
Martin Keitel

good graphics & articles

Star Nation Gallery
Rod Bearcloud Berry
Beautiful Native
American Interpretations  

Crop-Circles Corner

2012: Dire Gnosis
Geoff Stray

Mayan Connections

Crop Circle
 Occurrences in the UK
Great new site!

photograps, diagrams, articles

The Golden Key
Judy Beebe

Bert Janssen &
Crop Circles

BLT Research Home
Scientific Research

Crop Circle News

Mighty Companions
Suzanne Taylor


largest database, but
only recient material
available to non-members


Crop Circle Central
Diahann Krishna

Pages Linked Recently

Leylines & Cropcircles
Project Cropcircle Energy

Kornkreise - German
Crop Circle Site

 Research of Truth
Andrea Feliziani -
in Italian & English

All About Crop Circles

Frank Laumen Crop Circles
Germany & England, from 1997

News of the Earth
Doug McKenna

 Norwegian Crop Circle Group  

Danish Crop Circle Site

Language of One
 Crop Circle Interpretations

X-Cosmos (Italy)
Crop Circles

The Deepening Complexity
of Crop Circles

by Eltjo Haselhoff, Ph.D

Elohim's Crop Circles

Invisible Circle
German Crop Circle Site

Czech Crop Circle Site


Other Sites

Star Dreams
Crop Circles

Dutch Crop Circle
Website DCW

BUSTY '98 -

Cropcircle Anomality

Cariel Quintly's

Cosmic Reflections

The U.K. Crop
Circle Web Site

David & Virginia Kingston

Crop Circle Spirit
Denni Clarke

Oxfordshire Crop Circle
Group Web Pages

Crop Circles

Ed Vos - Crop Circles

Dutch Crop Circle Archive

From Crop Circles to Agriglyphs

Scientific Study of
Anomalous Phenomena


Crop Circle Quest

Crop Circles,
Gods and Secrets

English and German

Scientific Research
Ed & Kris Sherwood

Crop Circles
at Phenomenon

Crop Circle Reports

The Virtual Barge

Zef Damen Crop
Circle Reconstructions

Crop Circle Bibliography

Crop Circles Decoded
Tom Sutter

(very long loading time)

Crystalinks Crop
Circle Page

Sacred Britain

Tree of Life Crop Circle


Dutch Crop Circles

Linda Moulton Howe
(only new files available to

Findon Village Antiquities -
Crop Circles

Sussex Archaeology
& Folklore

Fusion Anomaly -
Crop Circles


John Sayer

In Search of Earth

I n v i s i b l e Ci r c l e

Crop Circles!

Ed & Kris Sherwood's

Remote Viewing

Dutch Crop Circle Archive (DCCA)

UFO Folklore -
Crop Circles

UFJ Universal Formation
(Crop Circle) Jewelry


Ron Russell's
Crop Circle Tours

Crop Circle Info
Colin Andrews

Peter Sorensen

Crop Circle Research
Paul Vigay



Crop Circle Link Pages
(Each of these pages have a list of links)



dmoz Open Directory Project


U.K. Crop Circle
Web Site



Jonah's Lighthouse

Google Web Directory

Elohim's Crop
Circle Links

Crop Circles at

John Sayer's - Some Useful Links

 Click here to view significant past crop circle formations:

Included are sources of information about related geometry

April 3, 2005 Note: The links on the above page have been corrected


List of Web Ring Sites

Crop Circle Movies

Now Playing in the U.S.
 William Gazecki's film
Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

A feature-length documentary
VHS/PAL tapes and DVD discs will be available
 Do not be misled by the mass media; learn the real true story
Produced by Suzanne Taylor of

Mighty Companions Crop Circles

Crop Circle Speak
This is a feature documentary that goes behind the scenes
for an insider’s look at the English crop circle season of 2001


"Signs" - an entertaining fictional Movie featuring crop circles staring Mel Gibson

 The Unofficial "Signs" Movie Site 

Shyamalan Tackles the Crop
Circle Phenomenon in 'Signs'

 Swirled News - Signs Movie  

Signs - Hush Hush on the QT

"Signs" Competition
Causes Hoax Concern

 Gibson to Star in Shyamalan's "Signs"  



Other Movies that include Crop Circles:

"A Place To Stay" - Crop Circle Movie

Scary Movie 3


Crop Circle Photographers

We thank the crop circle photographers and urge support for them.

 Lucy Pringle  

 Busty Taylor  

 Stuart Dike  

Freddy Silva

Ron Russell
 Crop Circle Anomalies

Steve Alexander
 and Karen Douglas

 Peter Sorenson  

Patricia Murray

A.J. Samuels

Andreas Müller

Colin Andrews

Jim Miller

Frank Laumen

Bert Janssen

Jan Schwochow

 Clemens Richter  

Doe Kelly and
Andrew Wheeler

Nick Nicholson

Rob Speight

Eva-Marie Brekkesto

Julian Gibsone

Graham Tucker

Werner Anderhub

Seiichi Nakazato