Apollo 12
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On Friday November 13, 1997 by pre arrangement I traveled
to Washington D.C. to meet with ORTK member and MUFON's
Representative for Washington D.C. Elaine Douglas. Elaine
knew I was interested in and collected NASA UFO footage. She
wanted me to meet a man she knew that could give me some
interesting information on that subject. She also wanted me to
show this man my collection of NASA UFO footage. He was to
arrive at Elaine's apartment at 10:30am so I arrived 30 minutes
earlier at 10:00am. At precisely 10:30am there was a knock on
her door and I opened it for Elaine. The man was well dressed
and looked in his forties. Elaine introduced us and we exchanged
small talk while Elaine prepared a snack. I popped a VHS tape
that contained all my NASA UFO footage into the VCR which was
approximately 28 minutes in length. With each NASA UFO scene
I mentioned a little bit about each event such as the name of the
mission, date and time, etc. It was obvious he was impressed
and I knew it would reinforce the experience for him that he was
about to reveal to me. 

After the tape ended I asked him to tell me as best as he
could remember what he told Elaine. He said that he worked for
NASA during the Apollo years and was one of those guys who
sat in front of the consoles monitoring information. He said he
wasn't sure what Apollo mission that this experience occurred but
he was sure it was before Apollo 13 because the Apollo 13
problems made an impression on him. He knew that the
experience did not happen on the first lunar landing which was
Apollo 11 so he concluded that it must have been the Apollo 12.
He said the experience happened in the evening when there
wasn't much to do and many of the seats in front of the consoles
were empty. He said that since the launch had already occurred
from Cape Kennedy where he worked, the main responsibility for
the mission was handed off to Houston. And so with nothing to
do, he sat in front of his console and wanted to hear a little air to
ground/ground to air communications and so he punched in the
proper keys to begin listening. He said that numbers were being
transmitted air-to-ground/ground-to-air, just normal system
specifications, readouts, and settings. Then approximately
8:30pm as the Apollo was some distance from earth on the way
to the moon he heard the following exchange: 

Apollo: "We have company." 

Houston: "Say again?" 

Apollo: "I say we have company." 

(Then a short period of silence) 

Houston (emphatically): "You were told not to make
transmissions such as that! Put it on the flight recorder and we'll
discuss it when you get back!" 

Long period of silence. 

On November 23, 1979 a video presentation was given by
NASA UFO debunker James E. Oberg. Oberg, production
researcher used NASA film CL 862 which contained movie
segments from various space missions. His presentation was
titled, "Photo Aberrations, Debris, and UFOs." A written
Production Scene List Locator included scene numbers one to
forty one, a scene description and File roll number for each
scene was also included. There are several controversial film
scenes which contain anomalous objects which to this date have
not been satisfactorily explained. One such anomalous object is
contained in sequence number 34 from File Roll 8032. According
to Oberg's scene description he writes, "LS - Apollo 12, Object in
black sky. Magazine E. Oberg list the length of time that the
object was in view as 23 seconds (08:41 to 09:06). Concerning
the object, Oberg writes: "Here is a view of some spacecraft
approaching the lunar module: although it is not clear what the
object is at first, what is apparent is that hand-held shots of real
external objects will follow this bouncy pattern -- a pattern which
other 'alleged UFO movies' do not at all follow. And in this case,
as the object nears, you can see what it is: the command module
which the astronauts are about to safely dock with." What Oberg
has just described about the object is not at all what the film clip
actually shows. It is almost as if after seeing the ovoid bright
object bounce around, left and right, up and down that he then
closes his eyes and imagines how the rest of the film footage
should conclude. The object in the scene is indeed in view for 25
seconds as Oberg points out in his scene description. He says
the unknown object becomes clearer as it approaches the lunar
module and the object turns out to be the command module in
which the astronauts are about to dock with. 

But what does that 25 seconds really show? For most of the
25 seconds the vertical ovoid bright object which is about a 1/4
inch in size on a 19 inch TV screen moves at a tremendous
speed and gyrations of quick ups and downs, lefts and rights,
arcs. In all these gyrations the object takes up the whole screen
in it movements. Oberg says all this violent movement of the
object is due to a hand held camera. I disagree. Many people
have taken nice calm video shots with hand held cameras. But
for the radical movement of this object to be the result of a hand
held camera, the cameraman would have to be suffering from
Parkinson's disease, for the object moved so violently. The other
seconds of the footage show the object moving across the
screen in a smooth, slow, calm, fluid motion and sometimes is
still and motionless. Why isn't the object moving radically violent
all the time? At the start of the film sequence the object is in view
for 2 seconds in one of its slow moves then the bright lit object
just goes out as if a light was turned off. A second later the object
reappears from top of screen moving to near the center of
screen. In all of the 25 seconds that the object was in view, at no
time did the object move closer to the lunar module so as to be
identified as the Command module as Jim Oberg suggest. This
just did not happen. In all its gyrations in the 25 seconds, the
UFO remained at a distance never moving closer to be identified.


DECEMBER 23, 1997 

I continued to be curious about CL862, a presentation by Jim
Oberg in the later 70's especially the Apollo 12 dancing UFO
listed as being from File Roll 8032. The 25 seconds of the
dancing UFO did not approach near the camera to be identified
as the Command Module as Oberg stated it would. However I
thought I would give Oberg the benefit of the doubt and take a
look at File Roll 8032 itself to see if there was added footage
that might show the dancing image moving closer to be identified
as the Command Module as Oberg implied. So I purchased File
Roll 8032 from NASA and received it mid-November 1997.
Inserted the VHS File Roll 8032 copy into my VCR and pressed
play. The first section that came up on the screen was Magazine
E, the event in question I was interested in. And there it was, the
round white bright ovoid object dancing around right, left, up and
down, going out like a light bulb and reappearing from the top of
the screen. At the end of the 25 seconds I partially expecting the
image to move near as Oberg said. But to my complete shock
and amazement the UFO actually did the opposite. In a split
second it leapt far into the distance and continued its showing off
dancing maneuvers. The image was now very small as the
dancing antics took up only about half of the TV screen. This
distance gyrations continued at only about three seconds in time.
The curious thing is that in slow motion when the object moved to
the distant position, one could see it getting smaller as if it moved
into the distance. It was more like in one instance it was there at
its first position, then it went out like a light bulb and then it
appeared in its new distance position. 

The big question to me is, why did Jim Oberg lie when he said
the object moved closer and was identified as the Command
Module when in fact it moved away and was NOT identified as
the Command Module. So now we have Jim Oberg, NASA's UFO
debunker caught in two glaring deceptions. Number one he tried
to make everyone believe that the Apollo 16 Saucer was actually
the planet Earth (he has since backed off on that explanation
since I challenged him on it) and now he tried to deceive again by
exclaiming that the Apollo 12 UFO moved closer and was nothing
but the Command Module when if fact it moved away into the
distance behaving more like a quantum advanced space vehicle.