The Priory of Sion


In my estimates, as well as the opinions of others before me, the Priory of Sion
constitutes the epitomy of Secret Society Kingdom. Many different stories are told
of the Priory. Some religious-based, some philosophical based. The main story
revolves around a BLOODLINE. A lineage of Kings in the Line of David and
Soloman that claim their continued existence today in light of the historic
persecutions of their bloodline and family. There are different "takes" on what is
really going on with this family today. The main and most obvious story line
was a national best-seller book called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent,
Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh, followed by the "Messianic Legacy". Alot can
be learned about this organization by reading these books. But, to farther the
research there are several books that MUST BE READ!!  By far the MOST
Important would be "Pandora's Box" by Alex Christopher. Next in Importance is
"GenIsis" and "GeneSet" by David Wood and Ian Campbell. After that,
"Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Lawrence Gardner.

    The First books "Holy Bood, Holy Grail", tell a story which claims that Jesus
did NOT die on the cross, but was aided sneaking off on a boat with Mary
Magdelene, where they settled in Southern France with a child. Therefore
proposing the Bloodline survived and THEY ARE the descendents of Jesus Christ.
The Priory of Sion was established by "The Family", originally the Merovingians,
to protect the bloodline and keep it pure, in hopes of one day returning to
Jerusalem to rule again in the name of Christ. The reason for fleeing to begin with
was the Roman Invasion of Jerusalem.
    Now, lets break this apart for a moment. We might never prove here and now
whether Jesus ever lived or died on a cross, although I do offer plausible theories
on my Religion Page. But, lets say he didn't, which is more likely. This would
leave a bloodline of possibly KINGS that ruled Jerusalem and the Far East for
centuries. These kings would undoubtedly possess a tremendous amount of
knowledge, possibly teachings from Alexandria. Or maybe a crazy zealous far-
reaching philosophy of mushrooms and extraterrestrials or something similar.
What we do know is that there IS DEFINITELY A BLOODLINE THROUGH
THE HISTORY OF EUROPE and it seems as though this bloodline, because of
the protection of the Priory has sought after and gained control through war,
marriage, subversion and candidness, of all the THRONES OF EUROPE and
secretly the United States as well. The mystery, myths and fables surrounding the
"Legend of the Holy Grail" and the poems written about it in history are far too numerous to mention. The SECRET is they have all been about the "Family".
The Merovingian vine and it's presence all down through the history of Europe.

    What becomes apparent when reading all of the available literature on this
family is that there is not just ONE family in the bloodline today but dozens of
off-shoots of the Merovingian vine. Occasionally the "Priory of Sion" will have to prune a branch or two to keep the vine from becoming a tree of feuding families.
   The Book "Pandora's Box" came out around 1993 and provides inside
documentation on a very important and mysteriously overlooked family behind the
scenes in the United States since the late 1600's.

   It is said that Leonardo DaVinci was a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. This
would explain his incredible insight into the "Flower of Life" Sacred Geometry.

Lots more info. coming soon.


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