Ruby Ridge


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You will find the following story hard to believe. The final facts have still to be played. For the past week I have been speaking at a church conference which had attendees from the county in Idaho where the shooting occurred. Each day, church members would report to me news from family members living nearby.. These reports were almost the only news available for several days because of the almost complete news blackout. Rumors were rife. They still are. Truth is there, too -- but it is difficult to find in the establishment announcements. Since people have been left alive, "damage control" press releases are now beginning to appear.

Press Release

"It's a White Rodney King case," said, Red Beckman, two time Montana gubernatorial candidate, referring to the murder of the thirteen-year old Weaver boy in north Idaho by federal marshals.

"We demand that the child killers be arrested - all of them - and held for murder. Whites are entitled to the same rights and consideration as Black in this nation. If this were a Black child that had been murdered, the federal marshals would already be in jail. We demand a federal grand jury investigation by an independent body. As it appears, Mr. Weaver was a victim of a federal set-up. The justice department's hands have been tainted in this matter." concluded Mr. Beckman.

August 31, 1992, 10 a.m. Monday: A week of confusing, contradictory, and shocking events. A phone call to Colorado this morning gives this latest scenario as the most probable events of the shootings on the Weaver mountain. It is information which supposedly came from Co. Gritz' talk with Weaver yesterday in Grit's effort to save Weaver's life and the lives of the remaining members of his family. Weaver and Gritz served together in Special Forces in Vietnam.

The Latest Story

The Weaver's were in their cabin - Randy 44, the mother - Vicki 43, her 9-month old baby, a daughter, 16, a son Samuel 13, a daughter 10, and a visitor named Harris 24, who had stayed after having brought food.

After 18 months living on the mountain there was an ongoing shortage of food. Hunting provided much of what there was. The dog began to bark. Weaver 44, Harris 24, and the boy Samuel 13, grabbed their hunting rifles thinking that the dog had started up a deer.

Sammy rushed out first and first to run into an armed stranger sneaking up to the house in camouflage dress. The stranger shot the dog. Anyone who will shoot a dog will shoot a man. The culprit was a federal marshal destroying private property while trespassing on private property [Editor's note: "If he...hath spoiled by violence (mugging, armed robery)..he shall surely die, his blood shall be upon him." Eze 18:10-13]. Weaver, hearing the shooting, fired his shotgun as an alarm and called for everyone to run to the cabin.

The boy Sammy turned, and on his father's own property was shot in the back and killed as he ran to shelter. Harris shot the killer.

Weaver and Harris crawled out in the dark and took the boy's body to an outbuilding where they washed and wrapped it to prepare it for burial.

Unknown to them, the assailants had not gone away. They had crept even closer to the cabin. When Weaver and Harris went out to get Sammy's body to bury it, the marshals tried to kill them. Weaver was shot in the arm. The mother, having lost her son, came to the door with her baby in her arms to see the cause of the disturbance. A government sniper aimed carefully and neatly shot her between the eyes. It was a good shot. Fragments from the exploding bullet emerging from the back of her skull seriously wounded Harris.

Harris surrendered last night. His wounds were festering. He gave himself up on guarantee from Col. Gritz that the marshals wouldn't kill him. Randy Weaver won't come out of the cabin. He does not trust the word of the marshals.

The cabin is surrounded by 800 marshals, two tanks, numerous armored personnel carriers, and helicopter gunships fly by constantly. Randy, at this writing, is in the cabin with his three daughters aged 16, 10 and 9 months. The body of their mother is with them. In an outbuilding lies the body of Sammy, aged 13.

What's Going On

I've written this article five times. When I think it's finished another story emerges. It is the result of the establishment imposed news blackout. No one was allowed up the road to find out the truth. Armed guards stopped you. The FBI spokesman walked down the road once a day this past week to read a prepared statement, and then turned and walked back the way he came. He seldom said anything believable. The proof is there are all sorts of local protesters with signs saying things like "Weaver today- you tomorrow!"

The background story heard most often is that the FBI wanted Weaver to become an informer for them. He refused. An "Acquaintance", actually and FBI informant posing as a friend, dropped by with a couple of shotguns. Weaver inspected them and handed them back. The informant took them to the FBI who dusted them and found Weaver's fingerprints.

Even then, it depended on where you measured - the gun (or guns). One way they were (or was) 1/4 inch longer than the other making it legal - the other way made it an illegal shotgun. Illegal shotguns are called "sawed off shotguns." "Sawed-off Shotguns" get you 5 to 10 years in a federal prison. The person receiving such a sentence HAS to act as an informant for the "requesting" agency or he must actually serve the time for the full 10 years, or however long the sentence is. It's an offer difficult to refuse.

A federal warrant was issued charging Weaver with selling an illegal weapon. Weaver bristled. He said he has been framed. He ignored it.

If the FBI wanted Weaver, they could have gotten him any Sunday when he drove down to church. Everyone knew that. They story I was told was this: One day Weaver was driving down the rocky winding road from his cabin on the mountain when he saw a pregnant woman standing by a disabled car. It has its hood up. He stopped to help, and the men hiding rushed out, caught, handcuffed him, and dragged him in before a federal judge. The judge released him on $5,000 bond.

He went back up on his mountain to his family and refused to come down again because he didn't want to inform on his friends or go to jail for 5 to 10 years either. He naively demanded an apology from the feds. His friends in the neighborhood sympathized and took him supplies so that he wouldn't have to come down more than necessary. They knew him because he had run for sheriff and was almost elected on a ticket of enforcing only those laws that the people wanted to be enforced.

Media Conditioning

For the past 18 months the media has dropped a squib in the newspapers weekly about the man in the cabin in Idaho who is up there defying the government. The American public has been kept aware that he is there.

The media has also reviled him. He has constantly been described as "a potentially dangerous ex-special forces anti- government white supremist, living on a mountain top in northern Idaho, defying the government of the United States."

Having made the point, the media now addresses him as "Supremist" Weaver - instead of the usual "Mister" Weaver, or Randy Weaver. [Editor's note If "mister" is to be superseded by "supremist" as a title of address, the question arises - does this only apply to whites, or does it apply to others also? What does one call a black panther or a Zionist? or a newspaper creature? Are they "mister" or are they referred to as "supremist" or is it to become an optional greeting?]

Speculation is Rife

The establishment says that seven marshals were flown in to merely "recon" the area. That's nonsense. They meant to "get" Weaver. To recon an area you send in a couple of scouts. Seven men have tremendous firepower. It is an assault team.

The media refused to discuss the parallel between the Rodney King case and the randy Weaver case. The inference that must be drawn is that if randy Weaver were Black the marshals would be in jail now charged with murder, but since he is white - he doesn't count.

Stories are told of people hearing gunfire as Weaver well- wishers run into patrols in the mountains. No one I called has confirmed this.

There are stories of helicopters dumping a thin gaseous substance in the cabin that was blown away before it reached the cabin. The story was followed by another of people being removed from their homes in a five-mile radius. When they returned they found their cats and dogs dead. Strange as it seems - this story will not die. I have heard it a dozen times.

There is another interesting story. It is reported that a couple of enterprising newsmen climbed a tree on a nearby hill and kept the cabin under surveillance with telescopic lens. They were discovered the same time a helicopter sprayed kerosene on the cabin. Nothing happened. The newsmen were threatened and told to leave. That's the story, but they are supposed to have the incident on video. Make of it what you will.

Another story says that Belgian paratroopers training in a nearby state have been put on standby in case they are needed - although what they are doing with the 800 marshals who are presently at the site right now I can't imagine.

Still another story says that the feds have raided a "survivalist" group in Georgia and confiscated their guns.

School opening is being delayed in the nearby towns. They have been commandeered to handle the hundreds of arriving marshals.

Story Leaks Out

Someone called and told me that Peter Jennings in his nationwide broadcast said that it looked like Weaver was set up. Someone else called to say that Paul Harvey is reported to have offered to pay all Weaver's legal expenses if he will come out of his cabin and turn himself over to the federal authorities.


The question that defies an answer is WHY? Weaver was charged with a misdemeanor. You are not supposed to kill someone because of a misdemeanor. This Weaver double-murder is messy. Especially in a election year. It's going to be hard to explain. There are live witnesses. Otherwise it appears to be a repeat of the farmer Arthur Kirk incident. Kirk was shot down in his own doorway. Later witnesses noted toe dragmarks showing that his body had then been dragged into the yard where it was found in a pool of blood. A dead man's heart stops- he doesn't bleed much. Kirk bleed a lot - he had been left to bleed to death - his heart slowly pumping blood onto the ground. The story the establishment gave the press was that he had charged out the door firing his weapon, but the empty shells were found at the left rear of the body. Ask a marksman how that can be.

Gordon Kahl's case was similar. He was shot in the back of the head. The story the establishment told in his case was that he and the dead sheriff had a face-to-face shoot-out. It's hard to get a bullet in the back of the head in a face- to-face shoot-out.

The Election Year Explanation

One cynic speculated that D.C. kept the "Weaver card" on ice for 18 months to try to get the black vote - just before election. Instead of a nice quick-vote getting story of a strong government squashing a "white, anti-government racist", the "Weaver card" fouled up. This particular subject won't die. The case has been turned into a White Rodney King Case and the Bush Administration really doesn't want a Black Rodney King Case and a White Rodney King case - both at the same time this close to election. This is why the story was blacked out over most of the nation.

Politics - As Usual

Rodney King, a Black, was beaten and received the support and backing of TV, radio, and newspapers day and night from that time on. The media, Bush and Clinton, and the nation's church leaders who howled for the polices hides, have nothing to say so far when the victim is white.

Monday, August 31, 1992: The TV just announced that "Supremist" Weaver has just surrendered. When asked who this Col. Bo Gritz is, the one who served with Weaver in Vietnam - instead of saying that he is America's most decorated soldier the media said that he was someone connected with the KKK.

Point of Law

1) The marshals responsible for trespass with intent to kill or kidnap with force, and the actual murderers themselves, must be brought to justice.

"If he...spoiled by violence (mugging, armed robbery) ... he shall surely die, his blood shall be upon him." Eze 18:10-13.

"Ye shall take no satisfaction (substitute) for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall surely be put to death." Num 35:31.

An argument that it is unknown who fired the fatal shots won't hold up either. Being at the scene and not firing a weapon is no longer a defense to the establishment. Gordon Kahl's son and his friend were at the scene when Kahl was ambushed and was forced to kill two marshals when they opened fire on him. The federals gave his son and his friend 135 years in prison when they had not drawn or fired a weapon. They cannot do less to the responsible marshals - including those who did not fire their weapons - assuming there were any who didn't.

2) Those responsible for framing Randy Weaver and those responsible for sending the marshals up that mountain must be lawfully dealt with:

"If a false witness rise up...Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother." Deut 19:16-19.


The Word - IS GOD, John 1:1, John 1:14: Word violation is "anti-God" - an infidel act. The Word has been broken several times in the Weaver case. Call your representative in Congress and demand that justice be served.

Both "Butcher" Bush and "Slease" Clinton appear to be Black supremacists -s they demand justice for Rodney King just because he is Black but are strangely silent in the case of the murders of the White Weaver mother and child.

The pronouncments of Bush and Clinton can make this a "White Rodney King Case" or their silence can tell Whites that they are second class citizens deserving no respect - from them.

As tragic as it is, the lost lives of the mother and child of the Weaver family will not be wasted if America will repent.

The choice is clear, God's justice will be administered, or He God will administer it - to all concerned, including onlookers. Justice is everybody;s business.

O.K. Mr. President. The ball is in your court. What about Vicki and Sammy? What are you going to do about it?