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Memes: Aviral attack of the mind through an idea implanted by mass media techniques. (Biology) An element of behaviors or culture, idea, etc., that can be considered to replicate itself as it is passed between individuals by non-genetic means.-Websters

UFO's: An (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins.-Websters

Sol's thoughts on UFO propulsion. (updated 01/03/05)


by Sol Samperstein

A local in this area spotted a UFO. He described the activity as hovering and close to the surface of the water which it was over at the time. It remained in a fixed position for nearly twenty minutes. He wondered what it was doing as this took place at dusk to dark with very little light except the lights from the craft which were red and yellow alternating. I tried to explore as much detail as possible but he said his wife had seen more as she asked him her husband what it was over the lake. She said it was lights in a row like stated before and moved silently out the of view as it took and diagonal path across a large set of lakeview windows. In the morning nothing suspicious was near or around the location he spotted it the previous evening. We have a base nearby and large transport carriers for military purposes. It is a possibility that they were flown in and being tested at the nearby base which is primarily a support base for the Air Force. One thing he said which struck me as important when he said "Why are they taking water from the lake?" Why would he say such a thing if it were not a possibility at least in his mind and information I have that they are using water as a fuel to power the craft. The water is changed to a hydrogen gas in a plasma water chamber turning water into its components almost immediately as it moves into the microwaved plasma-like core. The hydrogen is then accelerated as a plasma gas through a chamber and out over the skin of the craft which is charged to keep the hot gases off of the skin of the craft, also cooling the craft to below freezing. The air around the craft is charged and remains just outside the narrow vacuum the plasma creates at supersonic velocity. A magnetic field is generated below the craft to attract the spent gases back into the interior plasma chamber. The entire craft works on an electrostatic principle of charge repulsion with numerous side-effects as a part of the overall design.
If one recalls sightings last no more than a few hours. The craft then leaves. Possibly the fuel spent and in need of recharging.

Throw your TV away and buy a crank short-wave~!

Sol Saperstien


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