The massive solar flares making the tectonic plates brittle – can these plates collapse in 2012?
India Daily Technology Team
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According to scientists and geologists some thing is wrong with the Sun. The million year cycle and polar reversal in the Sun is causing some massive solar flares. The electromagnetic storm is reaching the earth sporadically and the effect will just escalate as we move towards 2012.

This is causing massive alarms in the scientific communities in the whole world.

The solar wind, according to some experts, is making the tectonic plates brittle. The brittle lithosphere of the earth is major source of concern.

According to some studies, the stress load that can be absorbed by the earth’s crust may not be sufficient if elasticity of the crust goes down due to solar wind and higher temperature from the Sun.

The worst-case scenario is that the plates will crumble along the weak spots – the faults.